MathGV 4.1 Program Files With Install Program
The following version uses an install program. It contains the compiled program with no source code. This version is easier to setup and is recommended for most users.
Install Program Version; (MathGV4_1_Setup.msi); 972,800 bytes

MathGV 4.1 Zip File With Source Code
This version is recomended for programmers and other technical personel. The following zip file version has no install program, it requires manual installation. It contains the source code, binary compiled files, documentation, etc. MathGV was written with the Delphi 2007 professional compiler.
Zip File Version, No Install Program; (; 4,273,348 bytes

Additional Sample Files
This zip file contains all of the MathGV data files (.mgf) used to create the Sample and Artistic graphs on this web site.; 6,661 bytes