Tesco Post Office Opening Times: Your Guide to Postal Services

Tesco Post Office Opening Times: Your Guide to Postal Services


Tesco, one of the biggest retail chains in the UK, offers a range of services to customers, including postal services through the Post Office. With the convenience of Tesco’s extended opening times, it is an ideal location for customers to take care of their postal requirements. In this article, we will guide you through Tesco Post Office opening times and services offered to help make your postal experience as easy as possible.

Location of Tesco Post Offices

Tesco has over four hundred Post Office branches located in-store across the UK, making it incredibly easy for customers to use their postal services. These locations can be found by visiting the Tesco website and clicking on the ‘store locator’ tab. Select your nearest Tesco store, and the opening times and facilities offered, including the Post Office, will be displayed.

Opening Times of Tesco Post Offices

Tesco Post Offices usually operate within the store’s opening hours, which are generally from 6 am to midnight. However, it is essential to note that the opening times of Tesco Post Offices may vary, especially during bank holidays and weekends. It is advisable to check the Post Office’s opening times at your nearest Tesco store by visiting the Tesco website or calling the store for more information.

Services Offered by Tesco Post Offices

The Post Office services offered by Tesco include sending mail, selling stamps, and receiving letters and parcels. The comprehensive range of postal services offered by Tesco Post Offices includes the following:

1. Mail Services

Tesco Post Offices provide a comprehensive range of postal services, including sending letters and parcels, both nationally and internationally. Customers can buy packaging materials, such as envelopes, boxes, and padded bags, from the Post Office in-store, making it easy and convenient to package items for sending.

2. Stamps

Tesco Post Offices sell a wide range of stamps, including standard first and second-class stamps, booklets of stamps, and larger ‘franking’ stamps required for sending larger letters and parcels.

3. Parcels

Tesco Post Offices offer several parcel services, including Royal Mail’s Standard Parcels, Tracked, and Express Delivery Services. Customers can also have their parcels collected from Tesco stores using the Collect Plus service.

4. Home Shopping Returns

Tesco also offers an excellent service for customers who regularly shop online and need to return items. Customer-friendly returns methods such as Hermes, Collect+, and Royal Mail are available, depending on the retailer from which they purchased the item.

Payment of Postal Services at Tesco Post Offices

Payments for postal services at Tesco Post Offices can be made using cash, debit, or credit cards. However, some Post Office services require payment with a debit or credit card only, such as the payment of vehicle tax. The Post Office now also offers a quick and easy method of paying for postage using a mobile app called PayByPhone, which allows customers to pay for postage without the need to visit a Post Office in-store.


Tesco Post Offices offer an incredibly convenient way for customers to take care of their postal needs. With extended opening hours, easy-to-use locations, and a comprehensive range of postal services, Tesco Post Offices are an excellent alternative to the traditional Post Office. Follow our guide and visit your nearest Tesco Post Office to benefit from their services today.