Starbucks Wallsend: A Coffee Lover’s Guide


Starbucks is a household name in the coffee industry, and it is renowned for its excellent coffee, friendly baristas, and welcoming atmosphere. One of the places where you can enjoy all this goodness is Starbucks Wallsend. It is located in the heart of the Wallsend area, a bustling suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne. In this article, we provide a coffee lover’s guide to Starbucks Wallsend, highlighting its unique features and what makes it stand out from other Starbucks locations.


Starbucks Wallsend is a relatively new addition to the Starbucks network, having opened its doors in 2019. Nonetheless, it has quickly become a popular destination for coffee lovers in the Wallsend area and beyond. The store is part of the ยฃ77million redevelopment of the Forum Shopping Centre, which has transformed the area into a vibrant destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment.


Stepping into Starbucks Wallsend is like stepping into a cozy haven. The store’s interior design is modern and inviting, with warm lighting, comfortable seating, and calming colors that create a serene atmosphere. Even with the hustle and bustle of customers, the store’s ambiance fosters a sense of relaxation, making it an ideal spot to unwind over a cup of coffee.


One of the standout features of Starbucks Wallsend is its extensive menu. The store offers an array of coffee blends, from iced lattes to macchiatos, as well as assorted tea blends, hot chocolate, Frappuccinos, and other beverages. When it comes to food, Starbucks Wallsend has a range of delicious options, including breakfast sandwiches, paninis, salads, and cakes.


No Starbucks experience is complete without the friendly and attentive baristas, and Starbucks Wallsend lives up to this expectation. The baristas are knowledgeable about the store’s menu and are always willing to go the extra mile to provide the best service possible. Whether you are in a hurry or want to chat, the baristas at Starbucks Wallsend will make you feel welcome and valued.


As previously mentioned, Starbucks Wallsend is located in the heart of Wallsend, making it easily accessible to residents of the area and commuters passing through. The store is situated next to the Wallsend Metro Station, a major public transportation hub, and is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and other amenities. This prime location means that Starbucks Wallsend is always bustling with people, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere.


Starbucks Wallsend is committed to sustainability and has implemented several initiatives to minimize its environmental impact. The store uses 100% renewable energy, has installed low-energy lighting, and recycles all its waste, including coffee grounds, milk jugs, and cardboard packaging. Moreover, Starbucks Wallsend serves Fairtrade coffee, which supports coffee growers and promotes sustainable agriculture practices.


Starbucks Wallsend regularly hosts events and activities, making it more than just a coffee shop. Some of the events that have taken place in the past include live music performances, poetry readings, and book clubs. These events provide an opportunity for customers to connect with each other and their local community, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.


In conclusion, Starbucks Wallsend is a gem in the Starbucks network, offering a unique experience for coffee lovers. Its cozy ambiance, extensive menu, friendly service, prime location, commitment to sustainability, and regular events make it a destination worth visiting. Whether you are a Wallsend resident or a passerby, Starbucks Wallsend is the perfect spot to grab a cup of coffee, catch up with friends, or just relax and enjoy the moment.