Shopping at Lidl Monmouth: A Guide to Quality and Savings

Shopping at Lidl Monmouth: A Guide to Quality and Savings


Lidl is a German-based global discount supermarket chain that has been in existence since 1973. It was first founded in the town of Ludwigshafen, Germany, by Josef Schwarz. Currently, Lidl has over 11,000 stores in around 32 countries worldwide. The company is famous for its sustainable business operations, its weekly specials and the high-quality items it sells at affordable prices. This guide explores how to shop at Lidl Monmouth while still maintaining quality and saving money.

Location and Accessibility

Lidl Monmouth is located off of Route 35 in Monmouth, New Jersey. The store is easily accessible from many points in the area and has parking space for customers. The store operates from 8 am to 9 pm daily, making it easy for people with different schedules to shop.

Lidl Monmouth: Quality and Savings

Lidl is a store that prides itself on selling quality products at affordable prices. The store has a variety of products in different categories ranging from groceries, household items, fresh produce, and meat, among others. Here are some of the ways you can save and get quality products while shopping at Lidl Monmouth:

Check the Weekly Ads

Lidl Monmouth has weekly specials, which are available on their website or in-store. The weekly specials cover various product categories and can save you significant amounts of money on your shopping. As you plan your shopping list, visit Lidl’s website to check the weekly ads and look for deals that suit your needs.

Use the Lidl App

The Lidl app is available on both iOS and Android devices. The app allows users to view weekly ads, create shopping lists, and view in-store prices. Additionally, users can view the Lidl digital magazine, which provides recipe ideas and cooking tips. The app also allows users to save items to their favorites, view their purchase history and receive push notifications for in-store events, promotions, and sales.

Buy in Bulk and Save More

Buying in bulk is a great way to save more at Lidl Monmouth. The store offers a variety of bulk items such as grains, nuts, pasta, and other items with long shelf lives that households use frequently. Buying in bulk means you’ll spend less per unit measure, and you’ll have to make fewer trips to the store. Bulk buying avoids you impulse buys and saves your time.

Choose Lidl’s Own Brands

Lidl has a range of own brands that offer quality at affordable prices. Brands such as Eridanous, Freeway, and Cien have a wide range of products in different categories such as groceries, household items, and personal care items. These products have similar quality and packaging to those of premium brands, but they cost less. Choosing Lidl’s own brands is an excellent way to save money without compromising quality.

Shop at Different Times of the Day

Shopping at different times of the day is necessary if you want to save more money at Lidl Monmouth. The store offers discounted items during various times of the day, and shopping at these times can significantly reduce your total bill. Some of the discounted times include the early hours of the morning and late at night when the store is looking to clear their stock. To increase your chances of getting these discounts, contact the store for this information or visit their social media pages.


Overall, shopping at Lidl Monmouth is an excellent way to save money while still getting quality products. The store offers a wide range of products in different categories to cater to different customers’ needs. By using the Lidl app, buying in bulk, and shopping during discounted times, among other ways, you can maximize your savings without compromising quality. Be sure to check regularly with Lidl’s updates and promotions to get the most out of shopping at Lidl Monmouth.