Mountain Warehouse Yeovil: Your Outdoor Gear Shopping Guide


Mountain Warehouse Yeovil is a brick-and-mortar outdoor gear store that caters to the needs of trekkers, hikers, campers, and adventurers. The queue of outdoor enthusiasts outside its door every morning is evidence that the store offers high-quality gear at reasonable prices. If you are planning to head out on an adventure, this is the store to visit. Here is your guide to shopping at Mountain Warehouse Yeovil.

Trekking and Hiking Gear

Mountain Warehouse Yeovil stocks an extensive range of trekking and hiking gear. This is the place to shop for your hiking boots, trekking poles, and hiking pants. The store has a section dedicated to hiking gear, and the sales team can help you to choose the best gear that suits your hiking needs. The hiking boots, in particular, come in a range of options, including waterproof and non-waterproof boots, lightweight and heavyweight boots, and more. Prices are reasonable, and you can rest assured that the gear is durable and well-made.

Camping Gear

Mountain Warehouse Yeovil is also packed with all the camping gear you need for your next outdoor adventure. From tents to sleeping bags, camping stoves to camping chairs, and everything in between. The store has an extensive range of camping gear that is suitable for anyone, from the novice camper to the experienced outdoorsman. The camping gear is made of durable materials and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The best part about shopping for camping gear at Mountain Warehouse Yeovil is that you can rest easy knowing that you bought reliable gear.

Water Sports Gear

If you’re planning on taking to the water with your next adventure, then look no further than Mountain Warehouse Yeovil. The store stocks everything from wetsuits to paddleboards, swimming goggles to water shoes. The selection of water sports gear is extensive and caters to all levels of experience. So whether you’re heading out for a leisurely swim in the lake or adrenaline-pumping white water rafting, you can find the right gear at Mountain Warehouse Yeovil.

Clothing and Accessories

The store features a section for clothing and accessories that you will need for camping, trekking, and outdoor adventures. There are trousers, coats, thermals, and jackets designed for all sorts of weather, plus beanies and gloves to keep you warm. Additionally, the store stocks accessories such as backpacks, hats, and sunglasses. The clothing and accessories section is the perfect place to find what you need for your outdoor adventure, whether you’re going for a hike or camping for the weekend.

Sales and Discounts

Mountain Warehouse Yeovil offers sales and discounts on its products throughout the year. This is the perfect opportunity to snap up some great deals and save some money when shopping for your outdoor gear. The store’s happy hours and weekend sales are worth looking out for as they offer a significant percentage off on selected items. Additionally, the store offers a 10% discount for students. Keep an eye on the store’s website and social media pages for the latest sales and discounts.

Customer Service

One thing that stands out about Mountain Warehouse Yeovil is the excellent customer service. The friendly and knowledgeable sales team is always on hand to help you find what you need. The team goes above and beyond to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases and provides useful advice on outdoor gear. Even if you are unsure about what you need, the staff can help you make informed decisions, and you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality product for your budget.


Mountain Warehouse Yeovil is undoubtedly the go-to store for anyone who is planning to embark on an outdoor adventure. With an extensive range of trekking and hiking gear, camping gear, clothing and accessories, and water sports gear, the store has something for everyone. The sales and discounts offered throughout the year and the excellent customer service make the shopping experience even better. Whether you are an experienced outdoorsman or a newbie, Mountain Warehouse Yeovil has what you need to make your adventure a success.