Lidl Opening Times Near Me: A Guide for Efficient Shopping

Lidl Opening Times Near Me: A Guide for Efficient Shopping


One of the most significant factors that affect a shopper’s decision to visit a store is their opening times. A shopper’s time is valuable, and it’s essential to know if the store is open when you need it to be. This article will guide you on Lidl’s opening times, which will help you plan your shopping quickly and efficiently.

Lidl’s Opening Times

Lidl has become one of the world’s leading supermarkets, with over 12,500 stores worldwide. It operates in 32 countries across Europe, America, and Asia, and each store has specific opening times. To avoid confusion, it is best to check the store’s opening times before heading out to shop.

Most Lidl stores open at 8 am and close at 10 pm. However, some stores may have different opening times depending on their location. For example, some stores may open at 7 am for customers, while others may close at 9 pm in a particular area.

It’s also worth noting that Lidl stores are generally closed on specific public holidays such as Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Easter Sunday. Before heading out to shop, make sure you check Lidl’s website or call the store to find out if they are open on the day you need to shop.

The Benefits of Knowing Lidl’s Opening Times

Knowing when Lidl opens and closes each day is critical for efficient shopping. Here are some of the benefits of knowing Lidl’s opening times.


When you know Lidl’s opening times, you can plan your shopping trip correctly. You won’t waste valuable time waiting outside the store or arriving at the store when it’s about to close. By arriving on time, you can quickly grab what you need and get going to the next item on your to-do list.

Better Decision Making

When you know when Lidl is open and closed, you can decide when the best time to shop is. For example, many Lidl stores are busiest during the weekend, and if you don’t like crowds, it’s best to shop during the week. By making these decisions, you’ll have a better shopping experience.

How to Find Lidl’s Opening Times Near You

Finding Lidl’s opening times has become very easy due to technology. You can find Lidl’s opening times through multiple sources, including Lidl’s website, the Lidl app, and Google Maps.

Lidl’s Website

Lidl’s website is the most important place to find out about their opening times. To find out when your local Lidl store opens or closes, go to the Lidl website, enter your postcode or area and hit search. The website will display a list of local stores with their opening times.

The Lidl App

If you’re an avid Lidl shopper, you should download the Lidl app. The app provides information on opening times, special deals, and offers. To find out when your local Lidl store opens or closes using the app, click on ‘Stores’ and enter your postcode or area.

Google Maps

Google Maps is another great way to find Lidl’s opening times. Open Google Maps, search for ‘Lidl,’ and click on a store near you. You’ll see the opening times and other details of the store.


Lidl’s opening times vary by location, so it’s important to know when your local store opens and closes. Knowing Lidl’s opening times can save you time and make your shopping experience more efficient. You can find Lidl’s opening times through their website, app, and Google Maps. By following these steps, you’ll never miss out on a chance to shop at Lidl.