Lidl Opening Times: Maximizing Your Grocery Shopping Schedule

Lidl Opening Times: Maximizing Your Grocery Shopping Schedule


Lidl is a German chain of discount grocery stores that has quickly become a favorite among budget-conscious shoppers in the UK. With its unbeatable prices and wide range of products, Lidl offers a convenient and affordable way to keep your fridge and pantry stocked.

If you’re wondering when to do your grocery shopping at Lidl, it’s important to know its opening times. In this article, we’ll explore Lidl’s opening hours and how to make the most of them to optimize your grocery shopping schedule.

Lidl Opening Hours

Lidl stores typically open at 8am and close at 10pm, with some variations depending on the location. On Sundays, most Lidl stores are open from 10am to 4pm.

It’s worth noting that Lidl’s opening hours may vary during national holidays, so it’s a good idea to check their website or call your local store to confirm their opening times. For more information, please visit page Lidl opening times.

When to Shop

The best time to shop at Lidl is during off-peak hours, which are typically in the early morning or late evening. This is because these times are less busy, which means you can avoid long lines at the checkout and have more time to browse the aisles.

If you’re planning a big shop, it’s a good idea to go early in the morning when the store is less crowded. This will give you ample space to maneuver your shopping cart and reduce the likelihood of running out of your favorite products.

Alternatively, if you prefer to shop in the evening, go closer to the store’s closing time as this is when Lidl tends to reduce the prices of products that are nearing their sell-by date.

Preparing for Your Shop at Lidl

Before heading to Lidl, it’s a good idea to make a shopping list to ensure you don’t forget any essentials. This will also prevent you from being distracted by tempting offers that are not on your list, reducing the risk of overspending.

It’s also useful to check Lidl’s weekly specials online to see what products are on offer, which can help you plan your meals and take advantage of discounted prices. This will also allow you to calculate your shopping budget and avoid overspending. Read more on Sun website.

Before you leave the house, ensure you have enough time to do your shopping without rushing. Allowing yourself enough time will allow you to enjoy the shopping experience and check all the possible options for products so you can grab the best deals.

Maximizing Your Savings at Lidl

To make the most of your shopping experience at Lidl, you can take advantage of their loyalty program, which offers exclusive discounts and rewards. Lidl Plus is a free app that you can download to your smartphone and start saving immediately.

Another way to save money at Lidl is by buying bulk items. The store often has deals on larger packs of products, which can save you money in the long run. But, before you do this, make sure you will be able to consume these products within their sell-by date so as not to waste them.

Finally, you can optimize your shopping experience by choosing to use Lidl’s online delivery service. This service allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home, and have your items delivered directly to your doorstep. This option will give you efficient access to getting your groceries done without even leaving your home.


In conclusion, knowing Lidl’s opening times is key to maximizing your grocery shopping schedule. Shopping during off-peak hours, preparing an efficient shopping list, and taking advantage of Lidl’s discounts and rewards can help you save money and make the most of your shopping experience.

Remember, always follow the current COVID-19 safety protocols such as wearing a mask, sanitizing hands, and staying 2 meters apart from other shoppers when in the store.