Jessops Sunderland: A Photography Enthusiast's Dream

Jessops Sunderland: A Photography Enthusiast’s Dream


Jessops Sunderland is a photographic store located in Sunderland, UK. The store is known to offer the very best photography equipment and services to photography enthusiasts in the region. The store has a rich history of offering quality services to the region’s photographic community over the years. Jessops Sunderland is a dream come true for any photography enthusiasts looking to get quality equipment and services.

The History of Jessops Sunderland

Jessops Sunderland is part of the Jessops photographic stores that started in Leicester, UK, in 1935. The company started as a family-owned camera repair shop before expanding its operations to become a leading photographic store in the UK. The company has had its share of ups and downs, with some stores closing shop due to financial difficulties. However, the Sunderland branch has continued to thrive, providing quality services to the photography community in the region.

Equipment and Services Offered at Jessops Sunderland

Jessops Sunderland offers a wide range of photographic equipment and services to its clients. The store stocks the latest cameras, lenses, and photography accessories from leading brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, and Olympus, among others. The store also has a range of second-hand cameras and lenses for those looking for affordable options. The staff at Jessops Sunderland are knowledgeable about photography and the equipment, offering advice and tips on the best gear to use for different photographic situations.

The store also offers a range of photography services, which include photo printing, scanning, and restoration. The store has advanced printing equipment that can handle printing jobs of all sizes, from small prints to large format prints. The staff at the store are also skilled in photo restoration, helping customers revive old or damaged photographs.

The Jessops Academy

The Jessops Academy is a training division of Jessops that’s dedicated to providing photography training to enthusiasts and beginners. The Academy offers a range of courses that cover everything from photography basics to advanced techniques in specific genres such as landscape, portrait, and wildlife photography.

The Academy has a team of experienced photographers who provide the training, ensuring that students get a hands-on experience with the latest equipment. The courses are offered in a friendly and relaxed environment, making it easy for students to learn and ask questions. The courses are available in different formats, including online, in-store, and on-location options.

Store Location and Opening Hours

Jessops Sunderland is conveniently located in the Bridges shopping center in Sunderland, making it easily accessible to customers from Sunderland and the surrounding regions. The store is open seven days a week, with opening hours from 9 am to 5.30 pm from Monday to Saturday and 10 am to 4 pm on Sundays.


In conclusion, Jessops Sunderland is undoubtedly a photography enthusiast’s dream store. The store offers quality equipment and services that cater to the needs of all photography enthusiasts, from the beginner to the professional. With its rich history of providing quality services to the photography community in the region, the store has become a trusted and renowned photographic store in Sunderland and the UK at large. For anyone looking to buy photography equipment or get quality photography services, Jessops Sunderland is the place to visit.