Is Card Factory Open on Boxing Day: A Holiday Shopper's Guide

Is Card Factory Open on Boxing Day: A Holiday Shopper’s Guide


Boxing Day is always a special shopping occasion for many people. It is a time when there are numerous sales in many stores, and shoppers often scramble to take advantage of these discounts. If you are looking for great deals on Boxing Day and wondering if Card Factory is open on Boxing Day, you’ll be happy to know that this popular store chain does open on Boxing Day. This shopping guide will give you more information about Card Factory’s opening hours as well as some of the deals you can expect to find.

Card Factory Boxing Day Opening Hours

It’s important to note that Card Factory’s opening hours may vary depending on the store location. However, in most cases, the stores are expected to open from 9 am to 5 pm. It’s best to check the store opening hours at your nearest Card Factory store before planning your shopping spree, or you can check online the opening times for individual stores in your area.

What to Expect on Boxing Day at Card Factory

If you are planning on shopping at Card Factory on Boxing Day, make sure you brace yourself for a frenzy of deals and discounts. As with most stores, Card Factory offers a variety of deals on this special shopping day. Here are some of the things you can expect to find:

Discounts on Cards and Wrapping Paper

As a store that specializes in cards, wrapping paper, and gift items, you can expect to find special discounts on these items on Boxing Day. You can stock up on Christmas Cards, birthday cards, wrapping paper, and even some Valentine’s Day cards and gift items at discounted rates. You could make huge savings, especially if you are planning to get cards or wrapping paper for future occasions.

Gift Sets and Hampers

Another thing that sets Card Factory apart is their gift sets and hampers. These make great gifts for any occasion or even as an indulgent treat for yourself. You can expect to find a variety of different gift sets and hampers at discounted prices on Boxing Day. Make sure you browse through the store’s collection of skincare products, cosmetics, chocolates, wines, and other specialty items to find a gift set or a hamper that suits your taste and budget.

Decorative Items

Decorative items from Card Factory are also valuable gifts. You can find decorative items like candles, picture frames, ornaments, and other home accessories at discounted prices on Boxing Day. With Card Factory’s extensive collection, you will find decor items that would make lovely additions to your home or an ideal present for someone else.

Tips for Shopping at Card Factory on Boxing Day

Now that you know what to expect at Card Factory on Boxing Day, here are some tips for making your shopping experience successful:

Get There Early

Card Factory is a popular store, and so it’s likely that many other people will be visiting the store on Boxing Day. So if you want to secure the best deals on cards, wrapping paper, hampers, or any other item in the store, make sure you arrive early. This will give you a head start, and you will also avoid the long queues that usually form later in the day.

Make a List

With so many discounts and deals on offer, it can be challenging to keep track of everything you want to buy. Before going to the store, make a list of the things you need and prioritize them according to importance. That way, you’ll be less likely to forget anything, ensure that you stick within your budget.

Check Store Policies

Card Factory has policies like any other store, and it’s essential to be familiar with them before making a purchase. You should ensure that you check the store’s return and exchange policy, so you don’t get stuck with unwanted gift items. If you are not sure about anything, you can always ask the store assistance for assistance.

Stay Alert

Card Factory’s items are often limited in stock and may sell out quickly, especially during peak shopping periods like Boxing Day. You should stay alert and quick to grab any deals that catch your eye.


In conclusion, Card Factory is open on Boxing Day, and you can expect to find fantastic deals on cards, wrapping paper, gift sets and hampers, as well as decorative items. If you plan to shop at Card Factory on Boxing Day, remember to arrive early, make a list, check store policies, and stay alert. With proper planning, you can take advantage of the great deals available and make significant savings on your holiday shopping.