Home Bargains Southport: A Bargain Shopping Guide

Welcome to Home Bargains Southport

Home Bargains Southport is one of the biggest and most popular discount stores in the area. It is located in Ocean Plaza retail park, just off the A565 and near Morrisons supermarket. Home Bargains Southport offers a wide range of products at incredibly low prices. From household essentials to beauty products, food, toys, and pet care, this store has it all. In this article, we will guide you through some of the best bargains you can find at Home Bargains Southport.

Household essentials

Home Bargains Southport has a large range of household items at bargain prices. They stock a variety of cleaning products, laundry detergents, bin bags, and toilet rolls at affordable prices. You can also find kitchenware, bedding, and home accessories all at rock bottom prices. For instance, you can get a pack of three Air Wick air fresheners for less than £2, a box of 40 Pedigree Dentastix for under £8, and a six pack of Andrex toilet tissue for less than £3.

Food and drink

Home Bargains Southport also has a great range of food and drink products at discounted prices. They have a large selection of confectionery, biscuits, cereals, and snacks. You can also find a variety of cooking ingredients, sauces, and tinned foods. Their range of drinks includes tea, coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol. They have some popular brands too, such as Cadbury, Coca-Cola, and Heinz. You can purchase 2 litres of Coca-Cola for £1.20, a 260g box of Maltesers for under £2, and a bottle of Echo Falls wine for £3.99.

Beauty and Personal Care

You can also purchase beauty products and personal care items at Home Bargains Southport. They have a good selection of skincare, hair care, grooming, and beauty products. In addition, you can expect to find premium brands like Dove, Nivea, and L’Oreal at low prices. Some of their great deals include a 400 ml bottle of Lynx shower gel for under £2, a 700 ml bottle of Carex hand wash for £1.49, and a pack of four Schick disposable razors for only £2.69.

Toy and games

Home Bargains Southport has a fantastic selection of toys and games at affordable prices. You can find toys and games for children of all ages, including puzzles, board games, and outdoor toys. They also have a range of action figures, dolls, and soft toys. Popular brands like Fisher Price, Lego, and Paw Patrol are also stocked in this store. You can purchase a Lego City Police Helicopter for under £8, or a 115 piece wooden train set for £12.99.

Pet Care

Home Bargains Southport has a good selection of pet care products that are sure to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. They stock cat food, dog food, treats, toys, and even bedding. You can find some of the top pet food brands like Felix, Whiskas, and Pedigree at affordable prices. You can purchase a 12 pack of Whiskas pouches for under £3, a 1 kg bag of Pedigree chum for £1.49, and a 14 pack of Dreamies cat treats for less than £2.


Home Bargains Southport is a great place to shop if you want to save money on your daily essentials. It is conveniently located in the Ocean Plaza retail park and has plenty of parking spaces. The store is well-organised, and the staff are friendly, making your shopping experience more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for cleaning products, food, pet care, or toy and games, Home Bargains Southport has got you covered. With fantastic deals on premium brands, you’ll definitely find something you and your family will love. So, the next time you are looking for a bargain, head down to Home Bargains Southport and see what deals you can find!