Finding Toolstation Near You: A Quick Guide

Finding Toolstation Near You: A Quick Guide


Toolstation is a leading supplier of trade tools, accessories, and hardware supplies with over 400 branches across the UK. Finding a Toolstation store near you is critical to get the right tools and supplies required for your project. This guide will provide you with some quick tips on how to find a Toolstation branch near you.

1. Search on the Toolstation Website

Toolstation’s website is user-friendly and has a store locator that helps customers find Toolstation stores quickly and easily. To use the store locator, visit the website homepage and click on the ‘Store Locator’ tab. You can either enter your city, town or postcode to find a Toolstation store near you. The website will then display a list of the Toolstation stores available near your location. The list includes their address, telephone number, and opening hours.

2. Use the Toolstation Mobile App

The Toolstation mobile app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. It allows customers to access Toolstation’s inventory remotely and search for items, as well as identify stores nearby. The app uses your location to direct you to the nearest Toolstation branch and provides directions to the stores. The app contains all the information available on their website, such as opening hours, contact numbers, and product ranges. Customers can utilize the app to find Toolstation stores on the go.

3. Use Google Maps

Google Maps is a popular mapping application that is accessible through a web browser or mobile app. On the Google Maps homepage, type in “Toolstation” and your location or postcode, and it will display all relevant Toolstation stores near you. Customers can see the store details displayed such as store address and phone number, as well as read customer reviews. You can then use the directions option to find the quickest way to get to the branch.

4. Use The Trade Counter Directories

The trade counter directories are industry-leading directories that provide information on the best places to source trade supplies and materials. The directories contain a list of prominent suppliers and stockists in the UK. Toolstation is one of the outlets listed in these directories, allowing contractors and tradespeople to find Toolstation stores when sourcing for tools, accessories, and hardware supplies.

5. Use Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can be used to search for Toolstation stores near you. Toolstation frequently updates its social media platforms with all the latest news, deals, and store openings. By following the company’s social media pages, you can get timely updates on store locations and new product arrivals. You can also use the platform to reach out to the customer care team for assistance in locating a store near you.

6. Ask a Friend or Colleague

Personal recommendations from family, friends, or colleagues who have used Toolstation products or visited their stores can be an effective way of finding a Toolstation branch quickly. You can ask about their experience and also request information about other Toolstation locations that may not be listed online.

Final Thoughts

Finding a Toolstation store near you can be quite challenging if you are not aware of the methods available. By using any of the ways we have listed, customers can find Toolstation stores with ease. The methods listed above show the various options available to find a Toolstation branch for all your trade and DIY needs. Whether you choose to use the website, mobile app, trade directories, social media, or asking a friend, you can easily find a Toolstation store to cater to your requirements.