Finding Maplin Near You: A Tech Enthusiast's Guide

Finding Maplin Near You: A Tech Enthusiast’s Guide


With the ever-increasing pace of technological advancements, keeping up with the latest gadgets has become a top priority for many tech enthusiasts. Maplin, the UK technology retailer, is a haven for people looking to buy the latest gadgets, electronics, and accessories. However, one major concern for many people is finding Maplin stores near them. This guide provides tips and tricks to help you find Maplin near you.

Use Google Maps:

Google Maps is a fantastic tool that can help you locate anything from a nearby gas station to a specific restaurant. Finding Maplin stores around your location is as simple as entering “Maplin near me” in the Google search bar. This directs the search engine to find all Maplin stores in your vicinity, and the results can be filtered to show the nearest Maplin store.

Another cool feature of Google Maps is that it guides you to the store, providing directions and means of travel, whether it’s by car, public transit, walking, or biking. It also provides the estimated travel time, which can help you plan your trip accordingly.

Visit Maplin’s Official Website:

Another method that can help you locate Maplin stores is by visiting their official website. The website has a store locator tool that can be accessed by scrolling down to the bottom of the website’s home page and clicking on “Store locator” under the “Customer Service” tab.

You will then be prompted to enter your postcode, and the website will generate a list of all the Maplin stores in your area. The tool also gives you the option to filter your results by distance and store services such as Click and Collect and Product Demonstration.

Utilize Social Media:

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can also help you find Maplin stores near you. Many Maplin stores have social media accounts, where they regularly post updates on new products, promotions and store locations.

By searching for Maplin on social media, you can get updates that lead you to stores around your location. Additionally, Maplin occasionally uses social media to announce new stores. Following their social media pages can help you keep up with the latest news on the stores and products.

Ask Around:

One of the oldest and most effective methods of finding Maplin stores near you is by asking friends, family, or colleagues. The chances are that someone in your network has visited a Maplin store or knows someone who has. They can provide you with information on the location and sometimes even offer assistance to get to the store.

Even if they don’t know the exact location of Maplin stores, they might suggest alternative methods to find the store, such as searching on the internet or using the store locator tool. Consequently, asking around can help you get more insights and information on Maplin stores.

Use Affiliate Websites:

Several affiliate websites list Maplin stores around the UK, and they can be a decent tool to find the store near you. These websites generally provide specific locations, contact details, and other relevant information. The best thing about using affiliate websites is that they are generally focused on technology-related products and can offer insight into available promotions and discounts.

Additionally, some affiliate websites offer product reviews, which can help you decide on what items to buy once you find the nearest Maplin store.


In conclusion, finding Maplin stores near you does not have to be a daunting task. Utilizing tools such as Google Maps, visiting their official website, following their social media accounts, asking around, and using affiliate websites can lead to a hassle-free experience of finding the store.

Whether you are looking to buy a new smartphone, tablet, or fancy headphones, Maplin has a wide range of tech products to suit all your needs. With these tips and tricks, you can rest assured that you’ll locate Maplin stores around your location and have the ultimate shopping experience as a tech enthusiast.