Boots Kirriemuir: Your Local Health and Beauty Guide


Boots Kirriemuir is a leading health and beauty store that is a favourite amongst the residents of the small Scottish town of Kirriemuir. As a part of the larger Boots Pharmacy chain across the UK, the store stocks a wide range of products that cater to different needs and preferences. From make-up and skincare to baby products and prescription medication, you can find everything under one roof. Furthermore, Boots Kirriemuir is highly regarded in the community for the level of customer service their staff provides to shoppers.

Range of Products:

Boots Kirriemuir offers an extensive range of health and beauty products, including cosmetics, toiletries, fragrances, hair care products, skincare, and more. Customers can select from a range of make-up products that suit their skin type and shade. Additionally, for those interested in skincare, the store carries a diverse selection of products that cater to different skin types, including cleansers, toners, moisturisers, and face masks. Clients can also find a wide range of baby products, including baby food, nappies, and wipes. Furthermore, the pharmacy also offers a variety of prescription medication, both over the counter and prescription-based. The store’s range is impressive, both in terms of variety and quality.

Expert Advice:

The staff at Boots Kirriemuir are well trained and knowledgeable about a wide range of health and beauty issues. They are always willing to help customers with any inquiries they may have and even offer advice on the best products for their needs. Whether you are looking for advice on skincare or what products are best for a particular health condition, the staff will provide you with accurate and useful advice. They are always patient and friendly, which is part of what makes shopping at Boots Kirriemuir such a great experience.

Online Presence:

The convenience of online shopping has also come to Kirriemuir with the introduction of Boots’ online store. Customers can now browse and purchase a wide range of products online, with the option of home delivery or collection in store. Browsing online is particularly helpful, as it allows customers to see the product range beforehand to plan their shopping trip better. Online shopping has become essential during these Covid times, and Boots Kirriemuir has ensured that their customers can benefit from this approach.

Pharmacy Services:

Boots Kirriemuir is also a licensed pharmacy that provides a range of services to the community. The pharmacy team comprises of highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals, including pharmacists and dispensers. They offer services such as flu vaccinations, health checks, and advice on a range of health issues. Additionally, the pharmacy team provides guidance on over the counter medication and prescription medication, ensuring that customers are aware of how to take their medication correctly for maximum benefit.


Boots Kirriemuir also offers optician services. The store has a team of trained health professionals who provide eye tests and issue prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses. The service is of excellent quality, with cutting-edge technology used to evaluate the customer’s vision. With such an extensive range of health and beauty services on offer, Boots Kirriemuir is a one-stop-shop to cater to your every need.

Space for an Experience:

Lastly, shopping at Boots Kirriemuir is a fantastic experience. The store is well laid out, with each section clearly marked, making it easy to navigate through the aisles. Additionally, the ambiance and lighting of the store create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that allows customers to shop comfortably. It is a well-organised shop with plenty of space, meaning that customers do not have trouble getting around. Overall it is a delightful shopping experience.


In conclusion, Boots Kirriemuir is a health and beauty store that offers excellent products and services for the local Kirriemuir community. Their range of products is extensive and includes everything you could possibly need. In addition, their knowledgeable and friendly staff provides valuable advice to customers on a range of health and beauty issues. The store’s online presence and accessible services make it convenient for customers during challenging times. Next time you need to replenish your health and beauty products or require advice or medication, visit Boots Kirriemuir – your trusted health and beauty guide.