Bookers Yeovil Opening Times: A Handy Reference

Bookers Yeovil Opening Times: A Handy Reference


Bookers is a well-known wholesale store chain that offers a wide range of food, drink, and household supplies. With several branches across the UK, Bookers is a popular choice for businesses, caterers, and home consumers alike. If you’re planning to visit the Yeovil branch of Bookers, it’s essential to know their opening times. This article will provide you with a detailed guide to Bookers Yeovil opening times, so you can plan your shopping trip accordingly.

Weekday Opening Times

Bookers Yeovil is open from Monday to Friday, and their opening times are from 7 am to 9 pm. This provides ample time for customers to stock up on supplies and get everything they need for their business or household. Whether you’re an early bird who likes to shop in the morning or a night owl who prefers to do their shopping at night, Bookers Yeovil has got you covered.

Weekend Opening Times

If you’re unable to shop at Bookers Yeovil during the week, don’t worry โ€“ the store is also open on weekends. On Saturdays, Bookers Yeovil is open from 7 am to 7 pm, so you can start your shopping early and still have plenty of time to enjoy your day. On Sundays, Bookers Yeovil is open from 9 am to 4 pm, providing you with a chance to stock up on supplies before the start of the week.

Bank Holiday Opening Times

Bank holidays in the UK can disrupt shopping plans, with many stores having different opening times on these days. However, Bookers Yeovil is open on bank holidays, but their opening times may vary slightly. It’s always a good idea to check their website or call the store before heading out on a bank holiday to ensure that they will be open and to check their opening times.

Changes to Opening Times

Despite having set opening times, there may be times when Bookers Yeovil needs to change their hours of operation. This could be due to unforeseen circumstances, such as bad weather or technical difficulties, or because of a change in management. It’s always advisable to check the Bookers website or call the store before making your way there to ensure that they are open and to confirm their opening times.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the opening times of Bookers Yeovil is crucial if you plan to shop there regularly. With clear and consistent opening times throughout the week, including weekends and bank holidays, you can plan your shopping trips according to your schedule. Always remember to check for any changes to opening times and to plan ahead to avoid any inconvenience. Bookers Yeovil is an ideal destination for all businesses and households, and their opening times provide plenty of opportunities for everyone to stock up on their essentials.