Bookers Sidcup: A Comprehensive Guide

The History of Bookers Sidcup

Bookers Sidcup is a leading supplier of catering equipment, serving the United Kingdom for over 170 years. The company began as a small-scale grocer in the 19th century, flourishing into the largest food distributor nationwide. Booker Sidcup became part of the Booker Group in 1989, which merged with Tesco in 2018, creating the UK’s largest food wholesaler. Despite changing hands over the years, the company’s commitment to providing exceptional products, service, and competitive pricing has remained steadfast.

Products and Services Offered

Bookers Sidcup supplies over 18,000 products, catering to a broad range of businesses and organizations. From food and drink to catering equipment and cleaning supplies, the company has everything needed to run a successful business or event. Bookers Sidcup is known for its wide selection of high-quality and fresh products, including seasonal vegetables, organic produce, luxury meats, artisan cheeses, and specialty snacks. To ensure convenience, they offer a flexible delivery service that can accommodate bespoke orders and tailored delivery times.

In addition to products, Bookers Sidcup provides several crucial business services. They offer educational tools and resources to help businesses make informed decisions and boost profitability. Their business development managers, for example, provide bespoke, industry-specific advice and support. The company also offers professional design services, including branding, packaging, and menu design, to help businesses optimize their visual presence.

Accessibility and Convenience

Accessibility and convenience are key priorities at Bookers Sidcup. They have an online store accessible 24/7, allowing customers to browse and purchase products from home or on the go. The company also has a mobile app to make ordering and tracking deliveries even more accessible. For those who prefer in-person shopping, Bookers Sidcup has 13 store locations nationwide, available for walk-ins. All locations are open early in the morning, and late at night, to accommodate a range of schedules.

To further enhance convenience, the company offers next-day delivery and a click-and-collect service for online orders. Customers can also take advantage of Bookers Sidcup’s product return policy, which provides hassle-free returns within 14 days, if the product does not meet their expectations.

Community Involvement

Bookers Sidcup maintains a strong commitment to impact their local communities positively. They support many local charities, organize community events, and provide access to opportunities for young people interested in the hospitality industry. The company’s “Giving Back” program regularly donates supplies and equipment to help individuals or organizations in need.

Moreover, Bookers Sidcup works closely with local schools, colleges, and universities to offer work placements, internships, and apprenticeships to help young people learn and develop new skills in the hospitality sector. Bookers Sidcup also supports several major national charities and participates in fundraising events to raise awareness and funding for these charities.

Environmental Sustainability

At Bookers Sidcup, environmental sustainability is a top priority. They have implemented a range of initiatives and practices to minimize their environmental footprint. The company’s focus is on reducing waste, energy usage, and eco-friendly packaging solutions. They have reduced food waste by implementing sustainable packaging solutions, revising their delivery routes, and developing a zero-waste-to-landfill policy.

Additionally, Bookers Sidcup has reduced energy usage through investment in new technology. They have installed solar panels on several of their stores, and the company’s vehicle fleet includes electric or hybrid vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Bookers Sidcup actively promotes environmentally friendly practices to customers through green initiatives at their store locations, educational resources, and communications channels.


Bookers Sidcup has a long-standing legacy of providing high-quality products and services to a broad range of customers. From groceries to catering equipment to design services, their comprehensive offering caters to businesses across the hospitality spectrum. Their commitment to environmental sustainability, community involvement, and accessibility is impressive. With their online store, mobile app, 13 locations nationwide, and next-day delivery service, Bookers Sidcup sets a new standard for service and convenience.