Bookers Shrewsbury Opening Times: A Shoppers Guide

Bookers Shrewsbury Opening Times: A Shoppers Guide


Bookers Shrewsbury is one of the most popular wholesale stores in Shrewsbury. It is a one-stop-shop for all your grocery and daily essentials needs. With its vast range of products and fantastic prices, Bookers Shrewsbury is an excellent option for both retailers and individuals. However, it is essential to know the opening times of Bookers Shrewsbury to plan your visit accordingly.

What are the opening times of Bookers Shrewsbury?

The opening times of Bookers Shrewsbury are from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, the store opens from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm and from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sundays. These timings are subject to change, depending on public holidays, so it is always advisable to check the website or contact the store to confirm the opening times.

Why is it essential to know the opening times of Bookers Shrewsbury?

It is crucial to know the opening times of Bookers Shrewsbury to plan your visit. The store has limited opening hours on weekends, so it is crucial to schedule your trip accordingly. Moreover, if you are a retailer, you need to ensure you visit during store opening hours to place your order, take delivery, or organise any issues that may arise.

How can you plan your visit to Bookers Shrewsbury?

To plan your visit to Bookers Shrewsbury, first, check the store’s opening times. After that, make a list of items you wish to purchase. It is good to have a clear idea of the products you require to ensure that your trip is productive and profitable. Plan your visit during weekdays if possible โ€“ as weekends can be busy and crowded.

It is also advisable to travel to the store either in a private vehicle or a taxi, as public transport can be unreliable and time-consuming. Plan your journey according to your convenience, carefully assess the traffic conditions, and allow plenty of time for any unexpected delays.

What to expect at Bookers Shrewsbury?

Bookers Shrewsbury offers an extensive range of products, including fresh produce, chilled and frozen food, beverages, household essentials, and various other everyday items. They have a fantastic selection of products catering to the customers’ needs, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free products.

The employees at Bookers Shrewsbury are always ready to help and offer advice on the store’s products, offers and promotions. The store is well-organised, and the products are neatly arranged, making it easy for customers to navigate through the aisles.

The store also offers excellent deals, promotions, and seasonal offers, which are updated regularly on their official website and social media channels. It is a good idea to check for any offers before your visit, as it can significantly benefit your budget.


In conclusion, Bookers Shrewsbury is a fantastic wholesale store, offering a vast range of products at competitive prices. However, it is vital to know the store’s opening times to plan your visit accordingly. By visiting the store during opening hours, you can make the most of the products, offers, and promotions.

Planning your journey carefully and having a clear list of the products you require will make your visit productive, and the well-organised store layout and helpful staff will make the shopping experience enjoyable. Keep in mind that Bookers Shrewsbury regularly updates its offers and promotions, so be sure to check the website and social media channels before your visit and save even more money in the process.