Asda Post Office Opening Times: Your One-Stop Shop for Groceries and Postal Services

Asda Post Office Opening Times: Your One-Stop Shop for Groceries and Postal Services


Asda is one of the leading supermarket chains in the UK, known for its affordable prices and quality products. In addition to offering groceries, the company has also teamed up with the Post Office to provide a range of postal services to customers. If you’re looking for a convenient one-stop shop for both groceries and postal services, Asda is the place to go. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Asda Post Office opening times and the services available to customers.

Overview of Asda Post Office Services

Asda Post Office services are available in over 100 stores across the UK. These services include sending letters and parcels, buying stamps, and accessing Post Office banking services. Asda customers can also use these services to pay bills, make withdrawals and deposits, and top up their mobile phones. This makes Asda Post Office a popular choice for those who want to save time by avoiding separate trips to the supermarket and the Post Office.

Asda Post Office Opening Times

Asda Post Office opening times vary depending on the location of the store. However, most Asda stores with Post Office services are open seven days a week, including weekends and bank holidays. Typically, Asda stores open at 8 am and close at 10 pm. However, Post Office counters may open and close earlier than the main store, so it’s essential to check the specific opening times of your local store before visiting.

Customers can check the Asda Post Office’s opening times by visiting the Asda website. The website lists the opening times for each store with Post Office services, so you’ll be able to find the information you need quickly and easily. Alternatively, customers can contact the Asda customer service team to verify the opening times of their local Asda Post Office.

Benefits of Using Asda Post Office Services

One of the main benefits of using Asda Post Office services is convenience. By having a Post Office counter in an Asda store, customers no longer need to make a separate trip to the Post Office to complete postal transactions or banking activities. Asda Post Office services also provide customers with extended opening times. This is particularly helpful for people who work late or have busy schedules during regular Post Office hours.

Another benefit of using Asda Post Office services is that they are often less busy than traditional post offices. As Post Office counters in Asda stores serve a different demographic, they don’t attract the same level of traffic as standalone post offices. This means that customers can complete their transactions quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, Asda Post Office services offer competitive pricing, which is in line with Post Office rates. This makes it a cost-effective option for customers who regularly use postal services and banking facilities.

How to Access Asda Post Office Services

Accessing Asda Post Office services is very straightforward. Customers simply need to go to their nearest Asda store with Post Office services and look out for the designated Post Office counter. Customers can then use the services in the same way as they would in a traditional post office.

To access banking services, customers may need to complete additional forms and provide proof of identification. However, this process is in line with standard Post Office banking procedures and is necessary to ensure security and prevent fraud.


Asda Post Office opening times provide customers with access to a range of postal services and banking facilities, conveniently located in their local Asda store. With extended opening hours, competitive pricing, and shorter wait times, Asda Post Office is a popular choice for people looking for a one-stop-shop for their grocery and postal needs. So, if you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective solution for your postal transactions and banking needs, head to your local Asda store with Post Office services.